Pay attention... this is simple. IF WE WOULDN’T USE IT, THEN WE WON’T SELL IT! We protect you from junk. More importantly, we personalize your purchase to exactly what you need and nothing more. We take as much time as you need to educate you on features, benefits and choices and let you decide which is best for your needs.

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Looking for Scuba gear?  We've got you covered from head to toe with our large selection of Scuba Tanks, BCD's, Regulators, Octopus, Wetsuits, Booties, Gloves, Hoods, Weights & Belts, Dive Computers, Transmitters, Batteries, Prescription Rx Masks, Full Face Scuba Masks and so much more!  

In the market for Snorkeling Gear?  No problem!  We have, in-stock, everything you need from Mask, Fins, Snorkels, Full Face Snorkeling Masks, Snorkeling Vests, Snorkeling Jackets, Shorty Wetsuits, Rash Guards, Reef Safe Sun Screens, Snorkeling Bags and more!

Complimentary gear. Like dive knives, dive bags, snorkel bags, travel dive luggage, dry bags, mesh bags, dive flags, lights, marker lights, signal buoys, re-tractors, connectors, slates and more.   

Dive & snorkel accessories. Rash guards, knives, fish ID cards, hoses, spare air, pony bottles, mask cleaner, de-fog, wet suit conditioner and cleaner, sea scooters, save a dive kit and so much more.

Travel stuff. Sea sick meds and prevention, reef safe sun block, micro fiber towels, Hydro Flasks water bottles, water proof containers, TSA Luggage locks, Beach towels, T-shirts, Dive & Travel insurance and more.

Photography.  Underwater dive cameras, housings, video lights including all Sea Life & Sea Dragon products, photo strobes, lenses, filters, selfie sticks, camera poles, batteries, chargers, GoPro's and every GoPro accessory made, SP Gadgets, Polar pro, protective cases, mounting hardware, camera trays, mounts, moisture munchers, enhancement software Vivid Pix and more.

Fit Guarantee
Our staff takes the time to personally fit you for each piece of equipment. If it takes 1 hour to fit you for a mask that we make $18 on, then we will do it. 

Price Guarantee
We guarantee our prices period. Don't buy on the internet. Keep the local stores in business. Buy from us and we will match or beat others pricing.

The most inventory = The most choices

  • We are “Authorized Dealers,” so your warranties are valid with us.

  • Certified by manufacturers to sell and service most all brands.

  • We are divers, and we demo and rate our products to know firsthand their strengths and weaknesses.

  • No seconds or factory rejects.

We carry most Brands:  

500 Psi, 5280 Scuba, Aeris,  Akona, Aqua Lung, Aqua Lung Sport, Armor, Atomic, Bare, Body Glove, Cressi, Deep See, Dive First Aid, Dive Patches, Docs Pro Plugs, Fourth Element,  Franko Maps, Genesis, GoPro, H2O, Henderson, Hollis, Hotshotz, Hydroflask, Hyperflex, Ikelite, Indigo, Innovative, Intova, I Torch, JBL, Kraken, LavaCore, Leviathan, Light & Motion, Liquivision, Manta, Mares, McNett, Neo Sport, Nuvair, Ocean Master, Ocean Quest, Ocean Reef, Oceanways, Oceanic, Ocean Pro, PADI, Pelican, Pelagic, Pinnacle, Polar Pro, Poseidon, Pinceton Tec, Sandisk, Sandmarc, Scuba, Seadive, Seadoo, Sea Pearls, Sea & Sea, Sea View, Sealife, Seasoft, Shark Skin, Shearwater, Sherwood, SP Gadgets, Spyderco, St. Moritz, Stahlsac, Storm, Submersible Systems, Suunto, Tank H2O, Tektite, Tovatec, Trident, Tropical Seas, TUSA, Underwater Kinetics, Uwatec, Vivid Pix, Waterproof, XS Scuba, Zeagle