Certified: 2013

Training includes: Open water, Advanced, Rescue, Zombie Apocalypse diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diver, Wreck Diver, Nitrox, Equipment Specialist, Divemaster, Open Water Scuba Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, CPR/AED/First Aid- Infant/Child/Adult Instructor.

Why I teach: I missed teaching people. This combines my love for Scuba and interacting with people.

Why Join Coral Key Scuba: Moved to Colorado, looking for a dive family. Went to 4 other shops and they wanted to hire me without knowing anything about me.  I was referred to CK by my PADI Rep. They wanted to get to know me and my abilities and even observed my skills prior to inviting me to be a part of the family. 

Favorite Dive location: Anywhere that has great visibility and warm!

Bucket list Location:  Rock Islands Palau / Maldives

Day Job: Project Management

Started diving in 2013 after thinking about it for way too long (should have done it sooner). As I continued to take classes, I discovered the passion I had for helping other people enter the sport and learn more about our underwater world. After this decision was made I was taught to be the best instructors to become the Master Scuba Diver Trainer that I am today.  My passion for knowledge continues to expand each time I certify a new diver or work on continuing education with students. My goal as an instructor is not to push out as many divers as I can but to educate and encourage safe diving practices while having a great time underwater! I even met my future wife while diving and look forward to exploring new and interesting places around the world with her.