Service Tech Ninja

Certified:  1967

Training includes:  PADI OWSI, PADI IDC Staff Instructor, EFR & MFA Instructor Trainer,  various specialties.  

Why I teach:  To take someone underwater for the first time and watch their reaction.  Also to help someone conquer their initial fear of being underwater.

Why Join Coral Key Scuba:  I have worked for a number of dive operations and Coral Key is where I found “family”.  I wanted to work for owners that held themselves to the highest standards of customer service and integrity.

Favorite Dive location: Belize

Bucket list Location: Truk and Palau

 Larry was first certified in 1967(before BCDs and computers) in Omaha, Nebraska.  When he moved to Colorado in 1973, he sold all of his gear because he thought he would never dive again.  Fast forward to 1992 and a move to Kauai proved that wrong.  He achieved his Divemaster rating in 1996 and Instructor Rating in 1998, IDC Staff rating in 2009 and he never looked back. He particularly likes to teach the Assistant Instructor class where he can help mentor future Instructors.   When he isn’t teaching he likes to work on scuba equipment.  He currently spends his time between Kauai and Westminster, CO.

Everything in my life I promote, create or allow.--Barry Ebert