Scuba Bad Ass Bootcamp


Proceed with caution because my attitude may offend some here. Are you a pretty good diver? How do you know? Certification courses today teach you the basics only. Most divers are not prepared for something bad to happen. It angers me when I hear of a shop that short cuts training because a diver is nervous. That harms the student really. They are not prepared for real world situations. Example: The student is nervous about clearing their mask. The instructor says; “All you have to do is give me 1 good one to pass”. So the student passes but isn’t comfortable or proficient at clearing a mask. They never intend to do it voluntarily. What happens at 70 feet deep when someone kicks their mask off? It will happen eventually.

30 years ago the training was so much more intense. Much of the course was to prepare the diver for real world scenarios and potential dangerous situations. Although you have many courses available today to continue training, most divers stop at beginner. The beginner course teaches the basics on how to scuba dive. Most divers are not prepared for much more than perfect conditions. In my opinion, every diver out there should continue training to include, Advanced courses, Buoyancy control, Rescue training, and continue in courses that will enhance their skill level even if it something fun like underwater photography.

It is for this reason that the Coral Key Scuba collective of divers, Instructors, ex military, master divers, have created a training program that will challenge you, stretch you, and push you to a new level of skill. We include real world scenarios that we hope you never have to experience, but if you do, you will be ready. It is not easy and some will not finish. If you do then your comfort level in the water will compare to the best recreational divers out there. You will be prepared for the most common challenges that have resulted in tragedy for less experienced divers.