Certified: July 1997 with Coral Key Scuba

Training includes: Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, Master Diver, Dry Suit, Night Diving, Deep Diver, Enriched Air Diver, Oxygen First Aid, Medic First Aid, and Equipment Specialist. & Divemaster

Why I teach:  I love watching others get hooked on this exciting sport that I love so much. 

Why Join Coral Key Scuba: This shop treats their customers like family.

Favorite Dive location: Caribbean - Queens Garden in Cuba, Pacific - Phillipines

Bucket list Location: Indonesia, Palau

  My wife and I stopped in one day to visit our son Randy and we noticed that the dive flag they had in front of the shop was in bad shape.  We teased Randy about the condition of the flag and he responded that he was trying to find a new one and they were hard to find in that large size.  Knowing his Mom was a pretty good seamstress, he asked her what she would charge him to make a new flag for the shop.  She responded it should be worth a dive certification.  Two new large dive flags later we were learning to dive.  Of all the numerous recreation activities I participate in here in Colorado, scuba diving is my favorite and I enjoy sharing the fun of this sport with others.  I completed my Dive Master certification in 2017 and I am enjoying traveling to great dive locations recording the great adventures in my log book.