Actual testimonials from post class survey and Post Trip Surveys.

And we didn’t just pick the best ones! We have no problem posting the bad ones… When we get one.

Actual Student Testimonials

There are many different things you can do when you scuba dive. - Abri, 11

Thank you so much for teaching me about scuba diving. I have always wanted to be a scuba diver. - Cooper, 12

My favorite part was the turtle in the lake. - Charlette E.

Freddy has assembled an amazing staff of instructors that made it fun & easy to learn. - Dan D

I feel very confident now. - Nick A

I feel 100% confident. Instructor was great, especially with the hesitant students. - James D

Randy Brady was simply brilliant! So patient with Tessa. Great Instructor. - Tessa's Dad

I took the course so I could dive with my whole family. Jacob was awesome. Brittany R

I was a handful and didn’t think I could finish. Scott was so patient and didn’t embarrass me. He helped me not just finish but finish confident to dive. Jessa R

Yes I am confident. The instructor didn’t just train me, he made sure I was confident and comfortable. Thanks guys. Steph D

My favorite part was the deep end. I finally got it and can’t wait to try in the ocean. I’m going on a trip just to dive. Brian S

Why wouldn’t anyone want to do this! Excellent job, thank you soooo much. John F

I don’t know how you can improve? I loved every minute of it. I am confident. Tanya P

My favorite part was the fun dive at the end. I felt much more confident than the first night of class. Thank you. Stan J

Oh yeah, I’m going to Cozumel with you. That was awesome. I can’t wait to do a night dive. Brock B

I couldn’t have done it without Jacob’s help. He was amazing! Thank you for making my dream come true. Sue G (Diver)

I can take on the ocean. Britney was awesome. Katie M.



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Actual Testimonials from Trip Surveys.

You Rock! Thank you for putting together an amazing adventure I'll never forget.  ~Kristin G.  

I never thought group trips were for me, now I can't imagine traveling any other way than on these trips!  It was a true hassle free vacation with the Coral Key bunch. ~Mary G.

This trip was incredibly fun! All the little personal touches from the Coral Key Staff really sets them apart from any other dive experience I've had before. I will definitely dive with Coral Key again.  ~Daphne C.

It is hard to imagine all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make these trips appear effortless. It is a wonderful thing to travel with such pros.  ~Sharon F

"How can we improve?" By giving more hugs, oh and a gift of Dove chocolates before every dive. You have it nailed down in my opinion. Freddy goes above & beyond making us feel special.  ~Heather T

What a great trip! I loved all the beautiful diving. I really felt supported & encouraged by everyone when I was struggling with my anxiety. Thank you Freddy, Rob, and of course my amazing dive buddy, Tom.   ~Michelle P

Nice to know the people you dive with. Randy is the Best.  ~Gary W

You guys always take very good care of us. I will travel with you again.  ~Paul W

Freddy gave us so much personal attention, advice, and even some equipment we didn't have. We felt his friendship before and during the trip. Made us feel special.  ~Dan M

My favorite part of the trip was the diving and the great group as always.  ~Tom M

Brian was an excellent instructor & leader. As always, the various people on the trip were helpful, watchful, and willing to help us become better divers.  ~Chris S 

Excellent Trip from beginning to end. CKS obtained best facilities and staff for our group. Top notch leadership and support.  ~Paul W.

Great trip! I feel like I advanced as a diver in skills as well as confidence. Thanks for being so inclusive, funny, supportive and great team leader.  ~Ashley G.

"How can we improve?" Me to be a millionaire so I can go on all of the trips instead of just one a year. I can't imagine diving with anyone else! "Favorite Part?" Hard to pick just one. Always love seeing what color (hair) Freddy and Randy is going to show up at the airport with. ~Tom H. 

Randy and Scott as our trip leaders and their sincere efforts to make this [Fiji] trip a memorable experience we will never forget. We now feel like we would not go on another dive trip without going with Coral Key. ~Bob & Susan

I was skeptical to do a group trip and Jay and I always travel independent. We felt so comfortable with the group and made some new friends. We are already deciding which Coral Key trip we will go on next. Thank you for your obvious efforts to make a great trip. Karen R.

Freddy was right saying we would be better divers at the end of the trip than we were at the beginning. He answered all our questions and some fears with patience and made us feel so comfortable. Anyone that wants our recommendation can call us. Top notch and we have been with other shops. Thanks Coral Key. Jane and Evan B

Not sure really… (How CK can improve) We thought the trip was expensive but after the trip we thought it was a value. We got more than we expected. Even though we don’t live in Colorado we will do our scuba trips with you. Sinclair’s NM