What makes a great trip?

“Expectation” is the answer. If you feel you got value and the trip met or exceeded your expectations, then you are happy with the experience whether it was budget or pricey. That is why we rate our trips, Good, Better, Best. Come on, let’s go and you will experience why we have so many loyal customers that travel with us every year.

Group Trips

If you are hesitant to go on a group trip, then you haven’t tried ours yet. You will feel like we are family when you return. We have hundreds of testimonials why our group trips are now the preference rather than the exception. So much more than your average dive trip.

Individual Travel

We can help you with all the details of your vacation. Diving or not we plan and book vacations all over the world. We do specialize in snorkeling or scuba diving vacations but if you want to get married on top of the tallest building in the world and sip champagne in a hot air balloon then noooo problem. We’ve got this.


Peace of mind can be purchased. Whether it is trip insurance in hurricane season or dive hazard insurance that takes the financial worry out of expensive care in another country. We personally all carry “Dive Insurance” on every trip because we have unfortunately seen its benefit in action all too many times. On our extreme trips we require dive insurance because of the elevated risk. It is very affordable.