by Scott Phillips - Instructor at Coral Key Scuba

You’re ready to get on the boat, and the tour operator asks if you want Nitrox.  There is a slight increase in the cost for the dive and you’re asking, other than the bragging rights, what are the advantages?  Here are some great reasons to spend the extra money to use Nitrox and, even before that, to spend the money on the specialty certification.  Since the beginning of recreational scuba diving, people have looked at ways to increase your safety underwater.  The utilization of Nitrox provides a margin of safety for recreational diving that is well worth the price.   

Enriched air, or Nitrox, is a gas that has a higher percentage of oxygen than regular air.  Most recreational nitrox blends are either 32% or 36%.  Participating in the PADI EAN / Nitrox specialty class will prepare you to safely utilize these mixtures.   

When you ask our staff of instructors, they will tell you that during any dive trip, they utilize Nitrox.  This is because not only is it safer at the depths we dive at, most will tell you that they just feel better and less fatigued after the dives.  

What a great way to continue your diving experience and increase your safety during diving.  The PADI instructional staff of Coral Key Scuba and Travel look forward to helping you attain this goal!  Looking forward to great diving with you.