Who is Coral Key Scuba?

The shop

One foot in the door and you will instantly know something is different about this dive shop! Nothing we do is normal and neither is the dive shop. I mean we even have a real bar in our shop. A working scuba tank beer tap, Fishikins, shark cage dressing room, and the most passionate staff you will find. The most inventory of any store in Colorado, Highest rated trips (10 out of 10). 5 star yelp rating, google rating, A+ Better business bureau rating. None more valuable to us than our loyal customers that rate us with their friendship and loyalty. We earn it, and won’t take it for granted. This isn’t just a dive shop, it is a family. Take a look inside…

the team

If you could hire the staff for a scuba shop in Colorado, what criteria would you use?  First, throw out the corporate hiring handbook. And the HR departments profile tests, not gonna happen.  How about the online resume services that get you a pile of candidates? No #@%&*#$% way!  

 First question… Do you have passion for diving?    Second question… Show me.

OK, so some positions in our company don’t pass this criteria because, well our bookkeeper is good with numbers cause we aren’t. But we bug her all the time to go diving with us.  Every dive-related position is filled with a person passionate about scuba diving and their next dive. They have to be because they don’t make squat for pay.  Check out the profiles of our staff.

Why Coral Key for your Scuba Dive Training?

  • We are the cutting edge Dive Shop in Colorado. Ask any diver you know if they remember how to use the “dive tables”? Nope! As dive professionals, we don't use "dive tables" when we dive, so why would we expect you to use them? Short answer - We don’t! Why do other shops teach and use weight belts? We have no idea because no one uses them any more. Why don’t other shops use dive computers in their training? Because they are expensive and take a beating during training. Computers and integrated weights are standard equipment today so all of our training equipment have them. We won't compromise your scuba training to save a few bucks - People over profit. Done!