Randy B.
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Actual Student "Post Class Survey" Responses.

There are many different things you can do when you scuba dive. - Abri, 11

Thank you so much for teaching me about scuba diving. I have always wanted to be a scuba diver. - Cooper, 12

My favorite part was the turtle in the lake. - Charlette E.

Freddy has assembled an amazing staff of instructors that made it fun & easy to learn. - Dan D

I feel very confident now. - Nick A

I feel 100% confident. Instructor was great, especially with the hesitant students. - James D

Randy Brady was simply brilliant! So patient with Tessa. Great Instructor. - Tessa's Dad

I took the course so I could dive with my whole family. Jacob was awesome. Brittany R

I was a handful and didn’t think I could finish. Scott was so patient and didn’t embarrass me. He helped me not just finish but finish confident to dive. Jessa R

Yes I am confident. The instructor didn’t just train me, he made sure I was confident and comfortable. Thanks guys. Steph D

My favorite part was the deep end. I finally got it and can’t wait to try in the ocean. I’m going on a trip just to dive. Brian S

Why wouldn’t anyone want to do this! Excellent job, thank you soooo much. John F

I don’t know how you can improve? I loved every minute of it. I am confident. Tanya P

My favorite part was the fun dive at the end. I felt much more confident than the first night of class. Thank you. Stan J

Oh yeah, I’m going to Cozumel with you. That was awesome. I can’t wait to do a night dive. Brock B

I couldn’t have done it without Jacob’s help. He was amazing! Thank you for making my dream come true. Sue G (Diver)