Can I be totally honest here? This might be a bit brutal so turn your head if you are easily offended. Many divers suck. I mean their skills are terrible and they are headed toward disaster, it’s only a matter of time. 2 hours of lessons at a resort somewhere there is clear water does not make you a diver. Frankly, that is where many of the tragedies come from. So if you are thinking about doing that, DON’T! It is only a few levels above suicide. Diving is not difficult but there are skills involved that absolutely cannot be learned in a few hours. It may look like you put a regulator in your mouth and just breathe but it is far from that. Ok, so you did it that way and lived. Big deal, I petted a tiger once and I’m still here. Doesn’t make tigers safe. Have a problem even as shallow as 30 feet, mildly panic and shoot for the surface. If you weren’t thinking clearly and held your breath on the way up, next time we would see you would be at the pearly gates. Well maybe not because only good divers go to Heaven. Gospel according to Freddy. It’s a joke folks, no nasty letters please.

If we train you then we would dive with you.

We train you as if your life depended upon it, well…. Because it does! Last but not least it should be fun and exciting. And hey we are fun and exciting guys and gals. Well, all except… hmm, I better not say cause he may get mad at me.


With our training, you will demonstrate safe practices. Entering, exiting, manage problems, mask clearing, snorkel clearing tricks, cramp removal, proper gear selection and maintenance. Your confidence and comfort is our goal.

SCUBA Training

We offer PADI Scuba courses to the Denver area for those just wanting to try SCUBA, with our Intro to Scuba class, to black belt of scuba diving, the PADI Master Scuba diver. Heck, we train instructors, your needs should be a piece of cake.

Specialty Classes

Enhance your knowledge of all things diving with PADI Specialty courses! Become a master of the Deep dive or become an expert in Navigation or Search & Recovery! From Project AWARE Specialist to Diver Propulsion Vehicles, we've got you covered! Also check out our GoPro setup and editing classes.

PRO Training

Maybe the next level is for you? Divemasters and Instructors enjoy life to the fullest. Sand, Sun, and Surf is their office - swim suits and flip flops their uniform. If you are passionate enough to make it a full or part time career, then come on!

CPR & First Aid

Instructor lead training in Basic First Aid, CPR, AED, Oxygen, Blood borne Pathogens and Emergency Cardiovascular care. Complete courses that meet your employers OSHA, Federal, and State requirements. The course you hope you never need, but just in case?

ONLINE Training

Better than a book and a stuffy classroom, you learn at home. “eLearning” just works! Your pace, your schedule, review as much as you want, 24/7 access. Videos, diagrams, photos, all add to the experience. All the coffee you can drink! Knowledge review quizzes to prove how brilliant you are. When you are ready then you join us in the pool. FUN!

Computers in the Classroom

Normal is boring and “Average” is a bad word around here. Ask a diver you know if they can still use the “dive tables” they trained on? Nope! Dig in their bag and see if the batteries are good in their electronic dive tables? Nope! So why rely on those if you aren’t going to use them anyway? We don’t! Everyone today uses a dive computer anyway, so we train you on one. Why don’t other shops do it? $$$ Dive computers are expensive and rental gear takes a beating. So why do we do it? Simple, we choose NOT TO COMPROMISE your training and experience to save a buck. People over profit. Done!


What makes a great trip?

“Expectation” is the answer. If you feel you got value and the trip met or exceeded your expectations, then you are happy with the experience whether it was budget or pricey. That is why we rate our trips, Good, Better, Best. Come on, let’s go and you will experience why we have so many loyal customers that travel with us every year.

Group Trips

If you are hesitant to go on a group trip, then you haven’t tried ours yet. You will feel like we are family when you return. We have hundreds of testimonials why our group trips are now the preference rather than the exception. So much more than your average dive trip.

Individual Travel

We can help you with all the details of your vacation. Diving or not we plan and book vacations all over the world. We do specialize in snorkeling or scuba diving vacations but if you want to get married on top of the tallest building in the world and sip champagne in a hot air balloon then noooo problem. We’ve got this.


Peace of mind can be purchased. Whether it is trip insurance in hurricane season or dive hazard insurance that takes the financial worry out of expensive care in another country. We personally all carry “Dive Insurance” on every trip because we have unfortunately seen its benefit in action all too many times. On our extreme trips we require dive insurance because of the elevated risk. It is very affordable.


Has your gear been sitting in the closet too long? Not sure if you want to gamble your life if it is ready to dive or not? Nooo Problem, we’ve got this! Hmmm, you say you have only used it twice in the last 4 years. Well, rubber dries, metal corrodes, plastic becomes brittle, seals shrink, lubrication dries up whether you use it or not. So go ahead, risk it and see what they charge you at the resort you are diving with to fix it? Enough said hopefully!


Pay attention, this is simple. IF WE WOULDN’T USE IT THEN WE WON’T SELL IT! We protect you from junk. More importantly we personalize your purchase to exactly what you need and nothing more. Taking as much time as you need to educate you on features, benefits, and choices and let you decide which is best for your needs.

Fit Guarantee

Our staff takes the time to personally fit you for each piece of equipment.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee our prices period. Keep the local stores in business, buy from us and we will match or beat others pricing.

Visit the Gear Locker

Secure and we do not store any credit card info. Hackers can’t steal it if we don’t have it.

  • We are “Authorized Dealers” so your warranties are valid with us.

  • Certified by manufacturers to service most all brands.

  • We are divers and we demo and rate our products to know firsthand their strengths and weaknesses.

  • No seconds or factory rejects.


About Us

Diving is Passion in Motion

You have never been to a shop with more passion for the underwater world!

Every shop sells gear, lessons, and travel. So what is different with Coral Key? Forget the fluffy marketing language, let’s talk straight. We were tired of the corporate structure that emphasizes profit over people and micro manages their people to extremes. So we cut up our ties put on flip flops and jumped into the dive world. We don’t copy anyone. No flowery focus group marketing language here. We are divers, pretty damn good ones at that. We have the best job in the world making sure you have choices and the no B.S. truth about what you are spending your hard earned money for. We tell it like it is and we lead not follow with all of our strength.

Freddy - Dive Enthusiast Certified in 1971
Colorado Native

"A Diving Empire, that's all I want" Lets improve the world of diving! Improve the instruction, the gear, the diver’s skill, and the experience. I want those that are afraid to come to us so we can help them experience the beauty and the wonder of the underwater world".

Freddy exemplifies the Passion in Motion slogan. A little hyper and always shaking things up a bit he is truly in his element owning a dive shop. His #1 goal is to share the diving experience with others. Certified at 11 years old he was the youngest certified diver in California at the time. They didn't have a kids program, so they said if he passed the same test as the adults then he could get his license, which he did.

Freddy's Grandfather was his inspiration. He was the first person in history to dive 500 ft deep. Part of the original "frogman" program in the navy for more than 27 years. “Freddy has the hard hat helmet that his grandfather did the dive in.

Inspired by his grandfather, Freddy went on to join the Navy Special Forces, Search and Rescue. Still passionate about diving he continued his education long into adulthood. With numerous specialties under his belt including Master Scuba Diver, he is eager to share the wonders of the deep with anyone that will go along. Diving with Freddy is like diving with a cartoon. If you see Tigger or Superman diving by, most likely it is the crazy Freddy in a suit just to make you smile.

Randy Partch - General Manager Certified in 1992
Colorado Native

Randy loves to play! It doesn't really matter at what, he enjoys rock climbing, camping, hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, swimming, water-skiing, golfing, snowboarding, ice climbing and most of all scuba diving. Randy holds numerous certifications including Water Safety Instructor, Swimming Instructor, Lifeguard trainer, In 1995 he took his love of diving to the professional level, joining Coral Key's team. Now a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, he teaches 16 different specialties which include Advanced open water, Rescue, Nitrox, Deep, Dry suit, Equipment Repair, Altitude, Multilevel, Drift and underwater photography.

Randy is also a master technician certified to repair and service most major brands, if it is broke he can fix it. Known as the go to guy when you are on one of the trips that he leads, you will hand him a broken piece of gear and you will hear his usual, "No Problem".

Randy is now the general manager of 5280 Scuba Inc, the parent company for Coral Key. Although Randy is busy running the day to day operations, he is also known to spend whatever time necessary to make sure your needs are met completely. He is truly an integral part of the growing 5280 Scuba organization. We are lucky to have him on our team.

Get in Touch

Come on by for a cup of coffee or some popcorn. If you can’t visit today, you can reach us by phone or email.

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Do you hate anything? I HATE spam! So, we never ever sell your info, Boy Scouts honor. But we do have copies of your receipts if you can’t find yours (no credit card info is ever stored). And we do keep your purchase, education, and travel information available for you. We are respectful of your time and only send an email occasionally to let you know of a fun event we are throwing or an awesome trip coming up.


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