Depart as a Guest.  Return as Family!

Actual Testimonials from Trip Surveys. And we didn't just pick the best ones! 

If you want to see a bad one, we have no problem posting those...When we get one!

You Rock! Thank you for putting together an amazing adventure I'll never forget.  ~Kristin G.  

I never thought group trips were for me, now I can't imagine traveling any other way then on these trips!  It was a true hassle free vacation with the Coral Key bunch. ~Mary G.

This trip was incredibly fun! All the little personal touches from the Coral Key Staff really sets them apart from any other dive experience I've had before. I will definitely dive with Coral Key again.  ~Daphne C.

It is hard to imagine all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make these trips appear effortless. It is a wonderful thing to travel with such pros.  ~Sharon F

"How can we improve?" By giving more hugs, oh and a gift of Dove chocolates before every dive. You have it nailed down in my opinion. Freddy goes above & beyond making us feel special.  ~Heather T

What a great trip! I loved all the beautiful diving. I really felt supported & encouraged by everyone when I was struggling with my anxiety. Thank you Freddy, Rob, and of course my amazing dive buddy, Tom.   ~Michelle P

Nice to know the people you dive with. Randy is the Best.  ~Gary W

You guys always take very good care of us. I will travel with you again.  ~Paul W

Freddy gave us so much personal attention, advice, and even some equipment we didn't have. We felt his friendship before and during the trip. Made us feel special.  ~Dan M

My favorite part of the trip was the diving and the great group as always.  ~Tom M

Brian was an excellent instructor & leader. As always, the various people on the trip were helpful, watchful, and willing to help us become better divers.  ~Chris S 

Excellent Trip from beginning to end. CKS obtained best facilities and staff for our group. Top notch leadership and support.  ~Paul W.

Great trip! I feel like I advanced as a diver in skills as well as confidence. Thanks for being so inclusive, funny, supportive and great team leader.  ~Ashley G.

"How can we improve?" Me to be a millionaire so I can go on all of the trips instead of just one a year. I can't imagine diving with anyone else! "Favorite Part?" Hard to pick just one. Always love seeing what color Freddy and Randy is going to show up at the airport with. ~Tom H. 

Randy and Scott as our trip leaders and their sincere efforts to make this [Fiji] trip a memorable experience we will never forget. We now feel like we would not go on another dive trip without going with Coral Key. ~Bob & Susan