Individual TRAVEL

We have amazing group trips, but we know folks can’t always travel on our schedule or they want to keep it a bit more private with family or friends. Nooo problem, we give you choices. Book your own trip anywhere you want to go with our convenient Apple vacations license. (Exact same pricing as the web). Or choose a tried and true package that we set up with our favorite resorts, live aboard ships, or destinations.

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Amazing Destination Packages

Since 1995, we have experienced some amazing locations around the world. And our group trips are rated 10 out of 10? So, we decided we would offer some of our favorite destinations and best dive locations to individuals as well. Consider these trips as personal recommendations. Simply choose where and when you want to go and we do the rest.

Book your own Trip

Easy and convenient. We are an Apple Vacations dealer. You get the same pricing and value as the web. So search for your favorite or try a new location.