Can I be totally honest here? This might be a bit brutal.

Turn your head if you are easily offended - many divers suck! Their skills are terrible and they are headed toward disaster. Two hours of lessons at a resort where there is clear water does not make you a diver. Frankly, that is where many of the tragedies come from. So if you are thinking about doing that… DON’T! It is only a few levels above suicide. Diving is not difficult, but there are skills involved that absolutely cannot be learned in a few hours. It may look like you put a regulator in your mouth and just breathe, but it is far from that. OK - so you did it that way and lived. Big deal. I pet a tiger once and I’m still here. That doesn’t make tigers safe. Have a problem even as shallow as 30 feet, mildly panic and shoot for the surface? If you weren’t thinking clearly and held your breath on the way up, the next time we would see you would be at the pearly gates. Well, maybe not… only good divers go to Heaven! Gospel according to Freddy. 

  Our promise - even our basic training is well above average, and we will not train you to be average! Your training is our resume to the rest of the world. We believe we train the best divers period. If we train you then we would dive with you.



With our training and some practice, you will be bobbing on the surface enjoying your experience sooo much more.

SCUBA Training

Coral Key has trained thousands of divers in the Denver area since 1995. From Intro to Scuba to Master Diver. Heck, we even train instructors.


Want to explore a sunken ship, ride a sea scooter, Improve your skills, take pictures underwater? 28+ specialty courses await you.

PRO Training

Sunshine, tropical paradise, scuba diving for a living? C'mon, it doesn't get any better than that! Dive professionals enjoy life to the fullest!. You gotta be good to train a Pro, and we are the best.

CPR & FIRST AID Training

Instructor lead training in Basic First Aid, CPR, AED, Oxygen, Blood borne Pathogens and Emergency Cardiovascular care. Complete courses that meet your employers OSHA, Federal, and State requirements. The course you hope you never need, but just in case?

online Training

Better than a book and a stuffy class.  You learn at home. Learn at your pace on your schedule, and review as much as you want with 24/7 access. Videos, diagrams, and photos all add to the experience. All the coffee you can drink!  When you are ready, then you join us in the pool. FUN!

Coral Key Scuba beginner to advanced scuba diving courses and snorkeling classes.