Has your scuba equipment been sitting in the closet too long? You finally want to use it but aren't sure if you want to gamble your life on whether it's ready to dive or not? Noooo Problem - We've got this!

If its junk, then we have a trade in program that can get you 20% off new gear.

Service Pricing:

  • Regulator Full Service: $35 per stage $99 for 3 Stages

  • Regulator Inspection & Bench Test: $49 for 3 stages

  • BCD Full Service: $35

  • Spare Air Full Service: $45

  • Dive Computer / Watch battery change and pressure check: $19 + battery

  • Tank Visual Inspection & Fill: $25

  • Tank Hydrostatic test, Visual, & Fill: $49

  • Drysuit Repair: Neck seal $75 Wrists $75 pair Ankles $75 pair

  • If it isn’t listed, give us a call.

    All prices are for labor & Shop materials. Parts kits vary usually from $10 to $35.

What we do:

  • Pre-service check to help troubleshooting later in the service

  • Disassembly. Regs 1st stage, 2nd stage and gauges. BC’s hoses vents, inflator, bladder.

  • Clean metal parts in an ultrasonic cleaner

  • Soak and scrub plastic parts in warm soapy water

  • Inspect all the parts for excessive wear, cracks, and corrosion

  • Replace all the required o-rings, filters, and seats.

  • If a parts kit is necessary, then we use all parts in the kit replacing your parts with new.

  • Adjust the regulators intermediate pressure, flow rate, and breathing resistance according to the manufactures specifications

  • Submerge regulator to check for leaks

  • Pressure test Computers to 150 feet in water, in a pressure chamber for 15 minutes.

Drive it, ship it, or give it to Santa (We see him fairly regularly), and we will take care of the rest.

Any make, model, or type. Noooo problem. Now, if it will cost more to find the parts for your ancient mariner 1945 regulator than it's worth, then we are going to call you to make sure you still want to. But, most of the equipment out there can be serviced, repaired and shipped back to you for less than most shops charge for service alone.

Obi Wan Kenobi works for us as a service tech. Well, he looks like Obi Wan Kenobi and we call him Obi Wan, but his real name is Larry. He is good, kinda slow, but we dumped his can of decaf out and put regular in, so he's getting a little faster.

We use magic. If your gear can't be repaired conventionally, we have a secret village of Menehune's from Hawaii than can take care of it. They don't eat much and only work at night, but they do good work. Little bastards keep stealing Larry's tools though. 

Factory trained, so any warranty on your gear is maintained. We have a large parts inventory for most of the brands in stock. We test the equipment after we reassemble it to make sure it is all good before we ship it out.

We service all brands. If you have any questions, please call the store or send an e-mail to the service department at

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