The Team

Freddy - Dive Enthusiast
Certified in 1971 - Colorado Native

Freddy exemplifies the Passion in Motion slogan. A little hyper and always shaking things up a bit he is truly in his element owning a dive shop. His #1 goal is to share the diving experience with others.
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Ariece J. - Training coordinator, Purchasing

We had to have someone responsible work here. New to the dive world, She caught on quick. Open water certified in 2017. Advanced and Peak Performance Buoyancy in 2018.

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Scott Dive pic1.png

Scott P. - Master Scuba Diver Trainer

"Scooter" just loves everything about the dive world. But mostly he wants peoples experience to be comfortable and fun. Easy going and hard to ruffle his feathers, he is truly a great instructor. He has a fun laugh as well that will make you smile..

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John B. - Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Santa has nothing on this guy. John is a jolly addition to Coral Key Scuba. I say jolly because I love his laugh, and he laughs a lot. What a great instructor he is. He doesn’t just teach, he makes sure you understand. At 247 years old, he is oldest living instructor on earth. Just kidding, I love ya John.

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Jacob H. - Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Moved to Colorado, looking for a dive family. Went to 4 other shops and they wanted to hire me without knowing anything about me.  I was referred to CK by my PADI Rep. They wanted to get to know me and my abilities and even observed my skills prior to inviting me to be a part of the family. Read More...


Britney C - Instructor

When you meet Britney you will know why we changed her name to “Sparkles”. What a whirlwind of fun and joy she is. Britney is a living testimony of a driven diver. Certified here and kept going until she became an instructor. Passion in Motion.

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Larry and team (002).jpg

Larry W. - Service Tech Ninja, Master Instructor

Our very own Jedi Master, Larry demonstrates the best of us. The only employee that works for 2 different dive shops at the same time. Here at Coral Key scuba and Sea Sport divers in Kaui when he stays at his home in Hawaii. Read More.


Mike M. Service Tech Ninja, Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Mike has been with the shop for years as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer among other things. Today he pretty much runs our service. Mike and his wife Alice have gone on most of our trips and they are a joy to dive with.  Read More

Brian & Kam.jpg

Brian B. - Instructor

Ever since Brian’s first taste of the underwater world came while vacationing in Cancun in 2002, he was hooked and quickly became certified. Read More.  


Ted P. - Assistant Instructor, Divemaster

I am a retired Nuclear Engineer who thoroughly enjoys the sport of scuba diving.  I was Open Water Certified with this shop in July of 1997.  Read More

Dive pic Jelinek.jpg

Jim J. - Assistant Instructor

Ever meet someone and thought, “He’s the nicest guy”? That’s Jim. He once told me “Freddy, I would teach for free, that’s how much I love teaching scuba”. Jim's passion really shines when he is teaching students.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Eric E - Assistant Instructor

We nicknamed him “Superman” because he is a super man. And he’s pretty buff. This guy is All In! He teaches with true caring. He makes sure that you get it. So fun to dive with as well. Read More…


Larry M. - Divemaster

Larry is a true gentleman. He is in charge of our lake the “Coral Sea”. He cares so much about people keeping their skills honed that he dives the whole season. You will see an email that says Dive with Larry. Meet him at the lake sometime.

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