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Yep, You can actually learn to Scuba Dive in your underwear.

A Special every month: We give you more with the Beginning Scuba diving and certification courses because more training = more confidence, safety, and comfort. That’s why we train the best divers. See below for Promotion details.

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FIRST STEP: Register and complete the Online Training course. You receive a Lifetime app that includes your digital courses, all certification cards, Dive Log, and more. Use from a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Working online or offline, sync and your progress is saved on all devices. You own it for life.

All course materials include plenty of graphics, video, and interactive review questions. 

Prices are per person. Online Learning course MUST be completed prior to the first “Pool & Classroom” session.

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STEP TWO: Classroom. Students receive personal instruction from a professional instructor, a Quick Review quiz and plenty of Question & Answer time. We fit you for the scuba equipment you will be using during the pool and open water sessions.

Pool Dives. - As you learn the basic scuba diving techniques that make your diving experience safe and enjoyable your confidence and comfort grows with practice.

Certification Dives. The student divers make a minimum of 4 dives over 2 days in Open Water, performing the same skills practiced during pool dives. After successful completion you are an underwater adventurer. You receive your official certification.

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  • Classroom Instruction and Pool Training

  • Open Water Certification Dives

  • Digital Certification Card

  • Rental Scuba Equipment

  • Lifetime app. Dive Log, Training history, Personal achievement record, All online courses taken, and more

  • DAN Student Membership info

  • All the Popcorn you can eat.

  • Coral Key Exclusive Bonus: Valid October 1 - November 30, Free Perfect Buoyancy Course With Class Purchase

    Not Included:

  • Personal Gear - Mask, Fins, Snorkel (may be rented), Booties

  • Lake User Fee / Park Pass ($12.50)

  • Transportation of gear and student

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Online Beginning Scuba course

Online Beginning Scuba Course
Price: $150

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Level One Beginning Certification

Location: Arvada
Class Size: 6
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Price: $450 Includes Classroom & Pool Sessions, All Scuba Rental gear, All Open water dives, Digital Certification card.

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  • 10 years of age or older (Kids ages 10 to 14 must have parent/guardian present.)

  • Basic swimming ability - Students complete a continuous 200 yard swim or 300 yard swim with mask, snorkel & fins and 10 minute tread/float

  • Completion of Medical form - If you answer "YES" to any of the medical question you MUST have a signed doctors release before the start of the course

Certification Dive Options & Locations

Local (Coral Sea) - We are the only dive shop in Colorado with our own lake. We call it the Coral Sea. Only 5 minutes away it is open from Late April to October. We take trips to the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa New Mexico when our lake is too cold.

Blue Hole (NM) - Join us during the winter months in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, approximately 5.5 hours from Denver. (Additional $65 to the package price, and you must provide your own transportation, lodging and meals.)

Group Trip - Come join us on one of our instructor-lead, exotic diving vacations offered year around. This option provides a great opportunity to meet other divers of all backgrounds and skill levels and train in the best of conditions.

Referral Packet - This kit contains everything needed to complete your open water certification dives through another training facility at your vacation destination. There will be additional cost payable to the facility you choose for completing your dives.

Additional Information:

  • Please understand that scheduling is important and has rippling effects if you change dates. Changing course dates within 10 days prior to the start of the original course will result in a $40 transfer fee, added to your course cost.

  • Prices are listed as per person.

  • Incentives and Specials are temporary and can change randomly.

  • Blue Hole or Crater certification dive locations are an additional cost of $65, require a minimum of 6 students and does not include transportation, lodging, or meals.

Coral Key Scuba & Travel Beginning Scuba Diver course and Beginning Open Water certification course.