Shark Ecology

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Many humans fear sharks, but is that reputation deserved? Learn how nature's most feared predator is actually a beautiful animal that deserves our respect and protection. By taking the Shark Ecology program, you will learn how sharks and their behavior are often misunderstood, and how you can safely observe them in their natural habitat. When you get a chance to dive with sharks you will become part of a global force of enthusiasts who care and desire to protect them. You will earn the Shark Ecology Specialty certification after completing this program.

You will learn:

  • How scuba divers and water enthusiasts can make a difference.

  • About environmental issues in the ocean commons and coastal zones.

  • About fisheries challenges and sustainability problems.

  • What’s happening to coral reefs and reef inhabitants.

  • Your role in protecting aquatic environments.

Included: Digital course, Digital certification card, Lifetime access to training materials.

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Shark Ecology

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Online Digital Course: $60

Classroom and or Pool training: $50

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