"A Diving Empire, that's all I want" Lets improve the world of diving! Improve the instruction, the gear, the diver’s skill and the experience. I want those that are afraid to come to us so we can help them experience the beauty and the wonder of the underwater world".

Freddy exemplifies the Passion in Motion slogan. A little hyper and always shaking things up a bit, he is truly in his element owning a dive shop. His #1 goal is to share the diving experience with others. Certified at 11 years old, he was the youngest certified diver in California at the time. They didn't have a kids program, so they said if he passed the same test as the adults then he could get his license, which he did.

Freddy's Grandfather was his inspiration. He was the first person in history to dive 500 ft deep. Part of the original "frogman" program in the navy for more than 27 years. “Freddy has the hard hat helmet that his grandfather did the dive in.

Inspired by his grandfather, Freddy went on to join the Navy Special Forces, Search and Rescue. Still passionate about diving, he continued his education long into adulthood. With numerous specialties under his belt including Master Scuba Diver, he is eager to share the wonders of the deep with anyone that will go along. Diving with Freddy is like diving with a cartoon. If you see Tigger or Superman diving by, most likely it is the crazy Freddy in a suit just to make you smile.