try scuba free

You will download a Basic Scuba course free. Like a sample but it counts towards your eventual certification. You get a quick and easy introduction to how fun it is to explore the underwater world.  Then, if you decide to continue, part of the course work is already done. It counts toward the certification course. Fair enough?

Digital Download An interactive introduction to scuba diving downloaded into your computer, pad, or phone. This is a Scuba Schools International app provided to you by Coral Key Scuba. It includes lifetime access to all your training, a digital dive log, refresher materials, etc. Once downloaded you can work online / offline. When you sync, any device you use will be updated.

What’s Next? When you want to start the certification process, you purchase the online Beginner Scuba course and the Level 1 Scuba certification course. Here you complete the digital training and the Pool & Classroom sessions prior to your open water checkout dives.

Included: Digital “Try Scuba” course and the Basic Scuba course.