Owners choice trips

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Always an adventure. The “Owners Choice” trip is all about the dive. Each one is unique. You can expect the unexpected. The itinerary is not always set and can change during the trip. If the Thresher sharks are running then we’re heading that way. Mantas showed up then we’re in. Always looking for the special experience, we will go for it.

Has become a favorite choice for those that have gone before. I’m always being asked, “When’s the next Owners Choice trip and where are we going”?

To be clear about these trips. They are not like our regular trips. Freddy goes but there is no trip leader. It is like joining Freddy on his personal dive vacation. It doesn’t come with all the parties, gifts, or organized get togethers. They may or may not have luxury, The diving can be advanced at times. Some are remote without amenities. Yet some are the most luxurious of all. You never know and that is part of the appeal. If you are thinking of going on one of the trips then it is advised to visit the shop to learn the details.

Owners Choice Trips Coming up!

They sell out way in advance so we tell you way in advance.

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