This is where it all begins. The Open Water Diver course teaches the basics.  You are exposed to types of equipment, the do's and don'ts, skills, etc. When you are finished you will have learned, practiced and tested all the skills needed to successfully scuba dive. You will be awarded a certification card declaring your accomplishment that is recognized around the world. 

This begins the greatest adventure I personally have experienced. I say begins because this is just the introduction to a whole new world, 2/3 of our world actually.  Just dip your face under the water, and you can see the wonders of an aquatic universe.  New sensations like weightlessness, flying in a current across a landscape filled with life.  You certainly will need additional skills to continue your adventure, but this course gets you under the water.   

Nervous?  So was I. Most people are when they begin actually. One human instinct is not to breath when your face is submerged.  A weird feeling when you first do it. Not sure how to describe it but in the absence of a proper explanation most people use the words fear, anxiety, claustrophobia. It isn't really any one of those. It is instinct and one that we rarely feel as land based carbon units.  Your brain tells you not to inhale when you are under the water. It's normal really, I would worry if you didn't feel anything. It goes away and you don't even think about it.

Here's the trick. Listen to the Instructor, and think about all the thousands of others we have trained before you. Never lost a one. If you are nervous, no problem, let the instructor know and he will give you a few shots of Tequila. Just kidding, he will know just what to do.  We care passionately about your experience. So we will get you through it and turn the nerves in to excitement.  Check out our Open Water Class to start your new adventure!

See you underwater,  Freddy