Don't Stop at Beginner

Still diving on your beginner license? The PADI Open Water certification is basically the learners permit in the dive world.  Can you hover in place without using your hands or feet? Do you swim using your hands? Do your gauges drag on the coral? Do you swim at an angle up or down? Suck a tank down in 30 minutes?  

Continuing education has so many benefits. Your safety, confidence, comfort increases as your skills increase! From Advanced Open Water training, Rescue Diver,  to buoyancy control and specialties like Nitrox, Wreck Diving, even Underwater Photography.  

Stop by and see what PADI Specialty you might benefit from.

It has been proven that the more training you have the safer, more confident, and more comfortable you are. And Divers that continue their training have much longer dive careers. The average Open Water Diver quits after 3 years. The average Advanced trained diver quits after 8 years. Rescue and higher enjoy 20+ years diving.